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ENERGY STAR® Water Heater Program

ENERGYSTAR Water Heater Program
Replace your aging water heater with a qualifying natural gas ENERGY STAR model and you could save on energy costs, plus you’ll be eligible for a rebate of up to $1,000.

Eligibility requirements*

  • You must be a FortisBC natural gas residential customer.
  • You must be replacing an existing old water heater.
  • You must purchase a qualifying ENERGY STAR water heater between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016.

*You can find a complete list of requirements under the relevant terms and conditions listed below.

Available rebates

Water heater type​
​Efficiency rating*
​Storage tank​
​0.67 – 0.69 EF

Non-condensing tankless​
0.82 – 0.89 EF​

Condensing tankless​
0.90 – 0.99 EF​

Condensing hybrid
90 – 99% TE

Condensing storage tank​
90 – 99% TE /.80 EF**​

*Ef – energy factor; TE = thermal efficiency
**Residential-grade condensing storage tank water heaters


​Heating water typically takes between 20 per cent and 35 per cent of your home’s total energy use. So it makes sense to install the most efficient model you can afford. Natural gas water heater efficiency is usually measured by an energy factor (EF) rating. The higher the EF rating, the more efficient the water heater. To qualify as ENERGY STAR gas-fired water heaters must achieve a minimum 0.67 EF rating.

Finding the right model for your home

​ENERGY STAR® non-condensing storage tank models have an EF between 0.67 and 0.70 making them more efficient than standard storage tank models (typically between 0.50 and 0.62 EF) operating in many homes today. As these models aren’t as efficient as tankless and/or condensing technology, their price point is more affordable. However, while some model numbers are similar, efficiency ratings may differ. Please check our qualifying water heater list prior to making your purchase.

What model’s right for you?
Qualifying water heaters
Frequently asked questions

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